Nollywood Tragedy: Our Boat Capsized When the Sailor was Distracted – TC Okafor

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Popular actor Tochukwu Okafor, also known as TC Okafor, who was aboard the same boat involved in the tragic incident that led to the demise of Junior Pope, has shared his account of how he managed to survive the ordeal.

It is essential to remember that Junior Pope was one of the four actors who perished on April 10th, following a boating accident en route from a movie shoot.

A viral video online featured TC Okafor recounting his experience during the boating mishap. He revealed that he was in the same boat as the late Junior Pope, but only the director of photography (DOP) and director were wearing life jackets.

Okafor explained that as they were sailing, Junior Pope started recording a video, which inadvertently distracted the sailor, causing him to miss an incoming canoe. This led to a collision between their boat and the canoe, resulting in their boat capsizing. Okafor’s life was saved by his ability to hold onto the boat’s rope, along with another female passenger.


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